lunedì 1 luglio 2013


Toronto, July 3rd

Young and fresh, with this two simple words we can describe Toronto. Tolerant and open-minded, modern and peaceful, the city is a new frontier for many immigrants. A place where to find a job - more easily than in many other places of the world - and start a new life. A proper place, clean and healthy, where to raise a family, thank to an efficient public system. A dream for many, Toronto lives a special moment every July 1st, during the Canada Day. 

A moment when new immigrants swear on the Canadian Constitution and become Canadian citizens. But also a moment to party, to commemorate the Country in a joyful way. Many flags with the maple leaf wave in the Parliament area, surrounded by a beautiful park that during this very special occasion guests numerous visitors. A great 'window' where to promote ecosystem campaigns, as well as sport activities. The Canadian Army also shows up, followed by several war veterans. Many families and hundreds of children enjoy the party, and the fun is guaranteed. 

The games schedule is packed with events and the younger ones can only decide which one to choose between the many activities... one for every taste. A colorful party at the beginning of summertime, when the flowers around the Parliament offer their best show, to match with the red and white of the Canadian flag. A unique occasion to enjoy the beautiful Toronto.

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