lunedì 2 settembre 2013


Goa, September 28th


Lord Krishna was the manifestation of all luxuries and worldly pleasures. He taught the meaning of life to the people. Life of God Krishna is entirely a manifestation of the fact that we humans are meant to live our lives on Earth, not to waste it. That is why, in order to commemorate Lord Krishna, devotees perform all the deeds that are close to the worldly things. For example, they wear new clothes and offer new clothes to Lord Krishna, beautiful decorations are made, musical events are organized and delicious dishes are offered to Lord.

Since ancient times, food has always been the centre of attraction for any playful event. As Janmashtami is also the one, food is the biggest highlight of this festival. 56 types of dishes are offered to Lord Krishna on this beautiful day, especially sweets. Some of them are – Chakli, Kheer (aka Payasam), Cheedai, Ladoos and many more.

As per the legends, Krishna was crazy for butter. He was so crazy that he used steal it out of the houses of his neighbors. Not only butter, he was crazy for all dairy products. Hence, butter along with other dairy products is offered in front of him. He also loved fruits; that is why numerous fruits are also offered to him.

Apart from all these things, singing songs on Janmashtami to enchant Lord Krishna and also singing the arti will bring you immense joy in life.  Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2013!

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